Haulage | for the food industry Haulage for the food industry

Palletworks have been delivering and dealing with the food industry since day one.

We have key clients who have stringent standards when handling and dealing with their food product ranges, we have a great understand of the requirements and standards of the food industry and have robust procedures in place to handle such demands. From dealing with BRC registered customers to independent small importers, we know what is required while handling and transporting ambient food products, for both the raw materials and finished products.

Quality and assurance processes in place to ensure standards are met throughout the delivery process.

We have strict washing and cleaning programs, for both inside the back of the vehicles and the exterior, to ensure that while we cater for mixed freight as a business overall, we are able to apply our fleet of vehicles to your jobs that require a certain standard of presentation and cleanliness both inside and out.

We have reporting systems in place and procedures to cater for all situations that may arise when delivering to food manufacturing sites through to distribution centres, these include non-conformance and complaint procedures to deal with issues that may arise when delivering to such places.

Our full online system allows us to upload your specific paperwork and our drivers will deliver on your paperwork, where required, giving the option of both our generic paperwork or your own customer facing detailed paperwork, whether it be one or multiple deliveries notes. This system insures that your paperwork and the requirements of such are safely stored on our system, eradicating the possibility of important paperwork getting lost.

We understand the fining processes and points system from many food standard sites, we understand that delayed deliveries, late deliveries and missed deliveries can come with large financial penalties. We ensure all deliveries are made on time at the correct time and while transport is an industry that is exposed to many varying factors, we ensure that we monitor all our customers deliveries and their progression by our full online vehicle tracking systems and by consistent communication with our drivers. Meaning any delay is reported before the delivery due slot, never after.

If your business is in the food sector then we have a wealth of experience and know how to provide you with a quality cost effective delivery solution.

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